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  • Grindr Meet-up

    last night I decided to to meet up with a guy I've been talking to grindr for weeks. I was so suspicious at first because, he's a bit aggressive in our conversation. I was thinking that he might be a poser. he was insisting to pick me up at home and it's already up to me if I'll come with him or not if I already see him and don't like him. I guess I made a right choice for preserving the conversation for weeks to know him more. to make the story short, yes, we had fun last night hahaha, and not to mention about his profession, he's handsome and smart. literally, the kind of guy that I like. ugghhhhhh

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    you're lucky enough to meet that kind of guy. there are only some of them on grindr. Most of the are poserss. *sighs


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      But that's still a one night stand, right? Nothing follows?


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        I missed Grindr, Thanks to this post, I'm gonna have my grindr back! haha


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          And then what happened next? I guess it was still a one night stand hahaha