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    I feel like my biography is boring. I am not boring I am just not good at writing about myself because I honestly think that I will sound too braggy. Like I am successful and rich and fun to be with and that sounds super braggy. How do I write my bio and make myself look good while also seeming very humble and not full of myself?

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    Your bio needs a whole bunch of work. You basically say nothing about yourself. At all. It is kind of sad. You just talk about your job and unless you are like some kind of rocket science or a movie star. No one really cares about what you do. Talk about your interests and things that you like. I like knowing what a guys is into because than I can decide if I want to ven message them. I want to know if someoneis into hiking all the time because that is not my life. but if they like low key movie nights and maybea trip to a museum thatis more my speed. This lets people know rightaway if they will have anything in common with you. Why not just try and talk about what interests you. Hopefully they are more interesting than your job but we will see.


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      YeahI completely agreee with that. You need to put more into your bio than just that. That is nothing and it is kind of lame. I would not stop by your profile with that kind of work on there. Impress me. Catch my interest.


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        Ok yes you really need to change your bio. I wantto know so much more about you and who you are. I want to know everything and I want to also know nothing. I want you give me a lot of infomration but also be a mystery to me. I love love love it. Tell me about your interests and your hobbies. I want to know what makes you tick. These are the things that we want to know. Right now , your profileis telling me that you are lame and uninteresting. So, just do a couple of little things that will make your .profile seem a bit more exciting


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          I see what you are saying. You are completely right. My bio is boring. I really do need to step it up a bit. Thank you for the honesty.


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            If you want to look lively, you should be humble and be witty.