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    I originally thought that my profile was good when I first made it and was getting a lot of foot traffic. However, now it seems as though barely anyone is coming to my profile. What should I do to get more foot traffic again? ShouldI be switchingmy profile up every few months to keep things fresh.

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    The key is to keep your profile fresh. If you have the same profile for long periods of time people will swipe right by it because they will think that you are boring and can't find someone. OR they will think you have forgotten about your profile and won't respond to them. You need to always be switching up your profile. Change your photos, alter your bio, switch up likes and dislikes. Keep everything fresh and fun. Trust me, they will think that you are new and fresh and you can manage to have something really fun and great on your hands.


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      I switch my profile up every two weeks. I have tons of photos and I can never decide what ones I want to use so I just use all of them and honestly it helps a ton. I get so much ass it is hard to keep track of. Then again, I am also pretty sexy and have subpar standards.


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        Here is how I run my game. I switch it up every time I get a minute to hang out. Usually about once a week and I always do it before the weekend that way I can meet someone sexy by Friday night. I change all my pictures and switch up my bio a bit. I try to keep my likes and dislikes some what even all the time because I want people to know that I am confident but also I have disinterest in some things. Honestly, it does not matter how often or not often you are updating it as long as you are good when it comes to catching. That is how you will win over every man on this site. You need to be able to talk the talk.


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          Thanks for the advice! I know it's only directed for him, but I know ya'll are giving advice for the people who wants to make their profile more noticeable too.