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  • Fight Fire With Fire

    Do you believe in the old saying? If your guy cheated on you, are you going to cheat on him also just to even the score? Or you would just end the relationship?

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    Actually done that to a couple of guys before because they really deserved it. These days, I let karma do the payback for me


    • #3
      I'd just end our relationship and let karma be the bitch that she really is lol


      • #4
        Might cheat on him and make sure that I would be caught before ending things with him


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          There are so many instances that I do a bit of revenge but It's not intentional, most of the time it just happens. I still believe in Karma though.


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            I can have my revenge by not cheating on him so I'd rather end the relationship rather than doing the same to him.


            • RyanUlrich
              RyanUlrich commented
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              I guess we have the same view on this.

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            I believe more in the saying that “Don't do unto others what you don't want to be done unto you.”


            • MickeyDee
              MickeyDee commented
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              I also believe in that saying.

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            I don't think so, if he does something bad to you, you don't need to put revenge in your hands. Let karma do his job.


            • HankTheSpank
              HankTheSpank commented
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              I also believe in karma because I already experienced it.

            • LarsRocco
              LarsRocco commented
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              How bad was the karma go?

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            Maybe. If I was fancying a guy during the time he cheated on me, then I might sleep with the guy that I'm fancying just to even the score


            • Wolvie
              Wolvie commented
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              Are you going to tell the other guy the reason why you want to sleep with him or not?