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  • Advice! Advice!

    Just got dumped, can you give me some advice on what can I do after breakup instead of being sad?

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    Get drunk and try to have a one night stand with the first guy who chats you up
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    • ChokingHazard
      ChokingHazard commented
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      Has that actually worked for you?

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    If he has things over at your place, I would suggest to either burn them all or throw it out


    • Conan
      Conan commented
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      It would be better if he would sell it, at least he can have money.

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    Go somewhere you've always wanted to visit


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      Go on a trip and spend some time with your family.


      • LarsRocco
        LarsRocco commented
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        This is a piece of good advice. I recommend this.

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      You can start by throwing all the things that would remind you of him.


      • LollySucker
        LollySucker commented
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        Did this work in moving forward?

      • GagDaddy
        GagDaddy commented
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        Yes, it could be a start to forget him.

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      Well, you can try and be miserable and listen to all the songs that would remind you of him lol


      • DurtyDirke
        DurtyDirke commented
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        I know that you're just trying to make him laugh, but I think that's a terrible suggestion