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Boyfriend returned to his ex

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  • Boyfriend returned to his ex

    What would you do if your boyfriend suddenly broke up with you and then he returned back to his previous boyfriend?

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    I would go his previous boyfriend and seduce him. And yes, I would really do that one.


    • BigDaddyJoe
      BigDaddyJoe commented
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      Well, you might end up doing threesome there. Lol!

    • Wade
      Wade commented
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      I don't think you can win him just like that lol you're just making a fool of yourself, to be honest.

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    I would feel bad about it and think that's better than going back to his ex girlfriend lol


    • GirthyGrills
      GirthyGrills commented
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      Was your boyfriend a bisexual?

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    Are you talking about suddenly dumping you for his ex? There's a chance that they've been hooking up behind your back before he decided to end things with you


    • IronBulge
      IronBulge commented
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      Hmmm, you have a point there. Did you have a similar experience? You seem to know it very well.

    • BiggieBalls
      BiggieBalls commented
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      IronBulge I had the same experience, it was a serious heartbreak for me into thinking that I was deeply in love with him. I thought he's different and that we had something, but it turns out that he's always been a cheat.

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    My ex-boyfriend of 8 years recently broke up with me and left me for a girl.


    • CockyMalone
      CockyMalone commented
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      Wow, I feel sorry for you man. That sounds worse than returning to an ex.

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    I would feel offended, not hurt. I was just used as a rebound and just for a while when his ex tried to win him back, he'll just leave me like that.


    • HankTheSpank
      HankTheSpank commented
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      Our partner would always go back to their exes because we lack something that their ex has.

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    Make sure to throw everything that would remind me of him and block him