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  • Comfort food

    After a devastating breakup, we usually eat something that would make us feel better.
    So, what is your usual comfort food?

    Mine is beef lasagna and a tall glass of strawberry milkshake.

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    My comfort food would be pasta too, but I like mine to be pesto.
    Drinks? Probably, Whiskey.


    • Scorpio
      Scorpio commented
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      Do you eat the pesto with the whisky on the side? That looks unappetizing.

    • MickeyDee
      MickeyDee commented
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      Scorpio, I'd probably have wine with my pesto, yes. Whiskey is just too much lol!

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    I would love to eat a bucket of hot and spicy buffalo wings all to myself.


    • BobbyD
      BobbyD commented
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      I would love to have hot and spicy chicken too but not necessarily the wings part. I am thinking of the leg part. Mmmm, yummy.

    • BaconLover
      BaconLover commented
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      And about your drink? I could presume that it would be something cold like a cold soda or iced tea.

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    A hot macaroni soup. Isn't it nice to eat some hot soup with some chili toppings on it? As for the drinks, I would like to have an iced-cold tea.


    • RyanUlrich
      RyanUlrich commented
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      What if a guy tells you that he wants to eat you in order for you to forget about that breakup, are you going to let him?

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    When it comes to breakups, I often look for booze and no food. The only time I go have some comfort food is after an evening of drinking or if I'm feeling a bit down


    • Cloud69
      Cloud69 commented
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      You know what else is good to pair with booze? Pizza, and you know what else? A friend. If you're feeling a bit down, I suggest you invite a friend out or over for beers and pizza.

    • SamMB
      SamMB commented
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      Cloud69 Are beers and pizzas good combinations? I have never tried that before. I am afraid that I might puke after a heavy drinking and eating. lol.

    • GagDaddy
      GagDaddy commented
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      I do not like drinking too much booze without eating first. Well, we all know that we would get drunk faster if we had not eaten prior to drinking alcohol.

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    Originally posted by Jonesy View Post
    After a devastating breakup, we usually eat something that would make us feel better. So, what is your usual comfort food?
    A big bag or Dorritos or Cheetos and a huge Dr. Pepper, if I could add up some dessert n that probably Ben & Jerry's. I sound like a girl on her period lol!


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      My favorite comfort food after a devastating breakup would be cheesecake. Plain New York Cheesecake with a side of brewed coffee.


      • GirthyGrills
        GirthyGrills commented
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        I'd choose the Blueberry cheesecake for me, and Frappuccino ice-blended coffee from Starbucks.

      • Cube
        Cube commented
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        GirthyGrills Cheesecake would be nice but I would still go with the Blueberry cake with ice-cold tea.

      • Cracker
        Cracker commented
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        oh i love cheesecakes and blueberry too, I would definitely go for something sweet and yummy

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      I'll go with pork tenderloin with roasted red grapes matched together with wine.. now im starving and wanting to get some


      • ChokingHazard
        ChokingHazard commented
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        Probably steak and wine same like yours really love some tender meat after a tough breakup

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      I like to have those huge sausages. Well, it reminds me of those huge cocks. The resemblance is undeniable.


      • Drifter
        Drifter commented
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        I like how you think. Even the lowly sausage became like cocks already. lol.
        But, yeah, they look like cocks. lol.
        Well, if you find comfort in looking at those sausages, then enjoy it.