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  • Price I Paid

    Has any of you lost something or someone because of your coming out of the closet? Like losing a best friend or your family

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    Lost a couple of friends but it also made me realize the ones who are the real ones


    • HottieTotty
      HottieTotty commented
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      I bet that you gained more friends right after you came out

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    I have a couple of relatives who stopped talking to me altogether when they found out that I was gay


    • GirthyGrills
      GirthyGrills commented
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      Relatives are sometimes the most useless part of the family. Stick to the closest ones, your parents and siblings.

    • LumberJacked
      LumberJacked commented
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      Relatives are fine to lose but not our immediate family.

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    I was the only son. So, there is already a direction of where I am going to. I lost my mom and dad. They could not accept that I have been a gay.


    • DirtMcGirth
      DirtMcGirth commented
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      Was the time that you came out of the closet the last time you've talked to them?

    • MickeyDee
      MickeyDee commented
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      @DirthMcGirth my mom would still reach out to me. It was too painful for me to keep in touch, ever since they disregarded me like trash

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    I lost my dream to be a soldier. When I was a boy, I had dreamt of becoming a soldier - an air force pilot. Anyway, growing up, a different force was encountered - the gay force. lol.


    • BiggieBalls
      BiggieBalls commented
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      I enjoyed being in the 'Gay Force' as well, as long as I'm not forced to do things that I don't really enjoy.

    • StiffySteve
      StiffySteve commented
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      BiggieBalls Ah! Let us not do the things that we do not want to have. We should focus on the things that we enjoy the most. And let the Gay Force continue to live.

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    That's a given already when it comes doing that. I bet that most of you gained new friends as well right after you came out of the closet.


    • LarsRocco
      LarsRocco commented
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      You're right about the gaining new friends part. And those people are the ones that are more worthy to spend time with

    • Cornholio
      Cornholio commented
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      LarsRocco Yeah. Gained new friends and some of those friends would even become boyfriends. lol.

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    Originally posted by Cornholio View Post
    That's a given already when it comes doing that. I bet that most of you gained new friends as well right after you came out of the closet.
    He's right about that one. You win some, you lose some. That's the way life is


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      Me and ChokingHazard had the same experience since I stopped talking a couple of relatives because of coming out


      • CockyMalone
        CockyMalone commented
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        But has any of them tried to reach out to you already or they still don't talk to you?

      • IronBulge
        IronBulge commented
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        CockyMalone not at all and I don't care as well.

      • BackRubSlut
        BackRubSlut commented
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        You should not mind those relatives who stopped talking with you simple because they learned that you are gay. Just live your life the way you want it to be.

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      I just lost my virginity, that's all LOL!


      • TwinkleToes
        TwinkleToes commented
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        lol. I bet all of us lost our virginity!

      • MannaMontana
        MannaMontana commented
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        Are you telling us that somebody fucked you right after you told them that you're gay?

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      Is it only me who lost my best friend? When he learned that I was gay, he ended our friendship.


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        Lost some of my closest friends when they found out that I'm gay