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  • A date

    What would you do if someone very old, like 70 years old, asked for a date and wants to be friends with benefits?

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    No way. Too old for me. I will just ignore that old man. He is already old so why does he need to have dates and even like to have an FWB?


    • DirtMcGirth
      DirtMcGirth commented
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      Well, I bet if he has loads of cash to throw on you, you would swallow all the things that you've said. Lol.

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    It depends on who's asking, and if he says how much he's willing to offer lol!


    • Looking4U
      Looking4U commented
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      But what if he just wants sex and does not offer money? Would you still be down for that? Lol

    • HottieTotty
      HottieTotty commented
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      He said that it would be an FWB only so there would be no money involved with it.

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    I would accept it even tho I've never encountered that before. It would be okay.


    • ChokingHazard
      ChokingHazard commented
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      Same. I wouldn't be searching for one, I'll just wait too if it comes to me unexpectedly.

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    Yes, I would be perfectly fine with that. Men don't stop needing affection and sex just because they are older.

    Put yourself in their place, and imagine how you will feel when you reach the age of seventy and beyond.

    Don't be so age-prejudiced and unkind!
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    • MickeyDee
      MickeyDee commented
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      But don't you think that he is already too old for those banging sessions? What if he injures himself while doing it? What about if he suffers from a heart attack while exerting too much effort?

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    No! I don't, MickeyDee!

    What a thoroughly silly thing to suggest.

    And who said anything about banging sessions? There are other ways to have satisfying sex, you know!

    But if he feels like fucking, then that's fine. I would expect him to be aware of his own capabilities or limitations.


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      I would ran to the opposite direction because I have no plans of doing with someone who's that old. The only time I would sleep with a guy of that age is when I'm in my 60's or I hit that age and I'm still horny as fuck


      • DurtyDirke
        DurtyDirke commented
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        So you don't have plans of being friends with him also?

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      All I can offer to him is my friendship and nothing else. Also, I wouldn't mind going out with him on friendly dates


      • GirthyGrills
        GirthyGrills commented
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        But he also wants to have sex. It is sex that he is more concerned of and not those friendship and friendly dates.

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      Not really interested in dating someone who might be twice my age


      • IronBulge
        IronBulge commented
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        Hahaha. What if he offers you a good sum of money? Like an allowance monthly just for you to be like lovers. Would you change your mind?

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      The only things that I'm willing to do with him are going on the date with him and being his friend. Sadly, the 'with benefits' part will not be included


      • BigDaddyJoe
        BigDaddyJoe commented
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        How are you going to tell him that the "with benefits" part is off the table for the two of you?