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  • Appropriate?

    When you are already on your 40s, would it be appropriate to date someone who is just 18 years old?

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    As long as it's discreet to avoid dramas lol


      CUM EATER commented
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      Not quite sure what you mean.

      What sort of dramas?

    • DirtMcGirth
      DirtMcGirth commented
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      CUM EATER he might be thinking that there would be people (like the parents of the 18 yr old) who would react negatively about it that's why he wants to keep it discreet.

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    If you two agreed on the set-up and he is aware of what he's doing then there's nothing wrong about it.


    • LollySucker
      LollySucker commented
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      I agree. When the two agreed then that would be fine. But I guess money would be involved here.

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    The question is: Would those 18 year old young men be willing to date those 40s year old men? I think that they are not.


    • SamMB
      SamMB commented
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      Yeah, unless they're 20 something, then it's fine.

    • HankTheSpank
      HankTheSpank commented
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      I think the youngsters aren't that gullible enough to be dating someone older than them unless it's their kink or out of curiosity.

    • TylerBurden
      TylerBurden commented
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      With the right price, I think that some you men would be willing to do it. When money talks, it would go a long way.

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    It would only be appropriate if there's consent and they're discreet. It's hard to be seen in the public eye, just to avoid judgemental people.


    • DurtyDirke
      DurtyDirke commented
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      Looks like you dated older men in the past, huh? lol.
      But, yeah, you are right. But where would they go if not to have dates in public?
      It would be so boring if the date would be held in the house. lol.

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    That's way too young for my taste, so it's would be a pass. But I wouldn't judge the men who would go with men of that age


    • Cornholio
      Cornholio commented
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      So how young are the men that you usually date?

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    If they're considered of legal age already by the age of 18, then it's all up to them whether they would entertain someone who's in their 40's already


    • Scorpio
      Scorpio commented
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      I think most countries consider people who are 18 as an adult already. So you don't have to worry about ending up in jail because of it

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    I would to date who's the same age or at least a few years older or younger than me. Have no plans of dating someone who's recently became legal lol


    • JayEazy
      JayEazy commented
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      What's the reason why you're not willing to date boys of that age? Is it because you still consider them as boys and not men?

    • Jilter
      Jilter commented
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      JayEazy maybe he's thinking that the two of them might look like as a father and son or uncle and nephew