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  • Unsuccessful or successful?

    Some men would end their marriage or end their relationships with women then suddenly ends up being with guys. Yes, it's becoming a thing which I find interesting. So, what can you say about these 'men' with unsuccessful relationships but has 'successfully' come out?

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    If it's a success to them, then it's a success to me as well. Glad that he's on our side, his coming out was executed perfectly! Although, I feel bad for those women but besides, he never cheated his way out of their relationship, instead, he ended things with them in a nice way for the very least.


    • Conan
      Conan commented
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      We shouldn't feel bad for leaving those people when we shouldn't be with them in the first place. We are not responsible for their reaction if they cannot accept who we truly are, they should at least support or be happy for us.

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    Like you said Cloud69, their marriage and relationships are unsuccessful but his coming out story has become his huge success! He realized that he likes men, after all, it is never too late for him to come out of his shell and there he is enjoying those men lol.


    • ThaThrist
      ThaThrist commented
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      He must've been bisexual that's why he even got married to a woman but in the long run, he suddenly realizes that it's about time that he must come out for what he truly is, GAY just like the rest of us here.

    • LollySucker
      LollySucker commented
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      He could be enjoying those men, but what about the people whom he had left behind? What could his former wife feel about it?

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    First, when you know that you are gay, please do not cover up by marrying women. In the end, the truth would come out so why create some dramas that would end up in disasters? They are just making their lives complicated.


    • BigBrony
      BigBrony commented
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      True! Do not make things which could destroy lives. You brought misery and shame both on yourself and your former wife.

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    What can I say? They were not men in the first place. They were closeted gays who came out so late that they made damages already.


    • BobbyD
      BobbyD commented
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      But those damages are mistakes from the past and now have become a lesson to you, you should consider being happy that you got away in that situation already, right?

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    All I can say is that I am very proud of those kind of men because we all know that coming out requires a lot of courage. And through coming out, it's clear that they have courage. I just hope that more closeted gays will come out and won't be afraid anymore.


    • Jilter
      Jilter commented
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      And I hope that they don't need to bother dating or marrying women just to prove the world that they aren't 'out' yet, I honestly feel bad to those women too. They did not deserve that kind of hurt as well.

    • TwinkleToes
      TwinkleToes commented
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      I agree with Jilter those closeted gays shouldn't have bothered those women in the first place. They just completely wasted their time with them and they too as well.

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    These men should be the ones to look up to because they are not scared of being judged by some people in the society so they'll come out whenever and in any way that they want.


    • MannaMontana
      MannaMontana commented
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      Despite that, they already had a partner and some were even once married to women, but still, they're out and proud. Let's not shame them for that, in fact, I am happy that they got out and they're finally free!

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    I guess they shouldn't regret not coming out too early because it is never too late for them to come out anyway. I think that it would be successful if they should've thought things through before being committed with someone before they'd evaluate their true identity.


    • Jonesy
      Jonesy commented
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      So, you're saying that his story is somewhat unsuccessful? Well, he should've at least embraced his true identity before he'd even be with someone he's not actually in love or comfortable with.

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    They were already late. Yes, late in the sense that they should have done the coming out a long time ago when they realized that they were not straight. But, then, we could not fully blame them. Each has one reason why they did it.


    • GirthyGrills
      GirthyGrills commented
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      Yeah, each has his own reason why they came out so late in life. It could be that they were not able to do it in the past due to so many restrictions.

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    For me, it is already both unsuccessful. First, the marriage was damaged already. Second, could you enjoy your new sexuality when you are already old and could no longer do those stuffs that young people do?


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