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  • Caught them doing it

    This happened in college when I shared a dorm room with two guys and I was a confused gay guy myself. Luckily, I was able to pull it off and got them thinking that I was actually a dude. One time I was about to head our dorm room and as I opened the door slowly I saw from across the room my two roommates, one of them is laying down with eyes closed and the other giving him head. I slowly shut the door and pretend I did not see anything. I was so closed for getting into trouble but soon after that happened, one of them was transferred to another room and I wouldn't ask why my roommate is always out late at night.

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    Huh? How did not see it coming? They would've caught you that you've caught them doing it in action! Well, I guess they suspect that someone else might've seen it that's why either of them executed the plan successfully that either one of them has to move for better privacy, lol!


    • SeanDoe
      SeanDoe commented
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      Even if one of them has to move to the other room, some might even catch them and things might get worst for both of them. They might even set up a camera for them if they suspected that they've been having sex and they're gays all along.

    • IggyCock
      IggyCock commented
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      They are not idiots now to see that the door got opened. Of course, they knew that someone saw them; that is why, one of them transferred to another room.

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    They purposely did not lock the door and must've known that you're gay already BangGang. Maybe they're really expecting you to see what they're doing and you should've at least joined in. I'm sure you did enjoy what you have seen there, huh?


    • CutieShank
      CutieShank commented
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      They think they could've locked the door but it is given that they're too horny just thinking about ways of getting each other laid, lol!

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    I cannot believe this! How can they not hear that you've entered the room already? There could be burglar around or someone else who might've caught them but they did not care at all? Well then, I admire their boldness and not everyone does not want to get caught having sex. Oh wait, one is giving head, right? I guess it's okay for them to get caught because they're just doing oral.


    • Looking4U
      Looking4U commented
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      Oral or not but they might have stopped if someone has caught them doing that right? But I guess they're caught up in the moment and just feeling the vibe, perhaps the other one is about to reach his climax anyway so.

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    BangGang but what are the chances if they knew that you were gay? Then maybe you might have a threesome with them and not either of them has to move to a different dorm room just so they can get laid. How I hate to say this but you've missed such a good opportunity.


    • BillyGym
      BillyGym commented
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      I was thinking about it too, why didn't he grab that opportunity to have a threesome with them? If he did then neither of them wouldn't have to move to another room because of that.

    • MannaMontana
      MannaMontana commented
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      There was no chance as he hid his sexuality. Had they known it, they could have invited him for a threesome.

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    Wow, I'm just glad that they did not see you opening that door, but if they did they might have stopped. Then again, why do I get this feeling that you might even join in there too BangGang? Did you enjoy what you just witnessed back there?


    • BigBrony
      BigBrony commented
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      I bet he did and the memory of it is all clear for him. He can still picture how he saw them exactly, just laying in the bed and the other is giving him head. Oh, I'm so turned on imagining too.

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    But were you spying on them the whole time? I'd doubt that you left right after you've seen such things. If that were me I would walk straight inside that room and pretend that I did not step into their business. I'll be like, just continue, I'm just going to grab my books then I'll be out. Casual as fuck.


    • LarsRocco
      LarsRocco commented
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      Lol, wow I mean that's just fine if they don't mind you stepping in and just going to grab your books and leave right after. Well, you prioritize your studies and that's good. College boys are just around the corner anyway.

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    Well, you missed your chance to have sex with them. Lol. You should have surprised them and said shockingly after you had entered the room: "Oh, no! What in the world are you doing?!" Then, of course, you need to add something like: "So, can I join your session?"


    • Grifter
      Grifter commented
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      What if they both said, "NO", in unison? Lol, I don't think they will ever let you ruin the moment for them, they will kick you out of the room and they will continue on to what they've started already.

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    Well, you should have enjoyed what you saw. But, you could not turn back the hands of time anymore. What you could do is to find a hookup, and have something even hotter than what those roommates of yours had.


    • DomeChrome
      DomeChrome commented
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      Yeah, they only had oral sex anyway, but now that you are open to the hookup culture, you can have way more than those oral sex stuff lol.