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  • Not hard at all

    Your new boyfriend does not have a hard cock whenever you have sex. This poses problems as sex becomes difficult without a hard dick. lol. What would you do now?

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    Is he always drunk whenever you have sex? If yes, that would be the cause of it. If he is sober and still got soft cock then he could be suffering from an anxiety. That may be the cause of his cock not turning to hard state. Otherwise, he is suffering from something else: erectile dysfunction?


    • IncredibleBulge
      IncredibleBulge commented
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      He must've been suffering from erectile dysfunction, he should get himself checked because there's a cure for that.

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    We have to go to the hospital and get him checked there must've been something wrong about his, you know what. I will not assume things that it must've been my fault that he is not completely aroused.


    • Jonesy
      Jonesy commented
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      Well, you could be the reason why. lol. But, anyway, it is better to have him checked up first. In that way, we could rule out the medical conditions.

    • BangGang
      BangGang commented
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      Right. You need to know the actual condition and for treatment if he has a medical issue.

    • DurtyDirke
      DurtyDirke commented
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      Hmmm, I suspect that it could be a medical condition. Even the effects of some illegal substance. Is he a drug addict?

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    If this happened for many times already, I do think that it's time to consult a health professional. Maybe he has a genital disorder or something. Better to be known as soon as possible.


    • BigBrony
      BigBrony commented
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      I think he's not fully aroused or erected. You two should discover his kinks or sex drive to make him hard. OR maybe it's been so long since he has his last sex, that could be a factor.

    • Stanlee
      Stanlee commented
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      Yes, if it was only once then that was an isolated case. But when it is always the case then something is already wrong.

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    Wanna know what you should do? You should leave him. Seems like he's not that attracted to you anymore as much as he was before. He can't even get his dick hard and up for you. Lol!


    • Grifter
      Grifter commented
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      Hahaha. Looks legit to me. So, yeah, a soft cock is no use anymore. Dump that man and find someone who could provide you a hard cock. lol.

    • BiggieBalls
      BiggieBalls commented
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      Hahaha. Oh, shocks. That would be a bad thing. How would I enjoy a not so hard cock? That would be useless!

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    Why is he not having a hard dick? If he sick or something? Obviously, you could not have a good sex without a hard dick. lol.


    • Scorpio
      Scorpio commented
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      Hahaha. How I hate men who could not have hard cocks! It is of no use at all. How could be bang me up when he is soft?!

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    Firstly, I want to apologize for what I'm about to say. But maybe the reason why he doesn't have a hard dick is because you don't turn him on? Maybe he doesn't find you sexy and attractive. That is hard to accept but you have to admit that what I'm saying is possible.


    • ThaThrist
      ThaThrist commented
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      You could be right but if other men would have hard cocks over him then his boyfriend has an issue.

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    Maybe you guys need to have a foreplay first before actually doing it. Usually, it is during the foreplay that guys get really aroused.


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      Could he try to have sex with other men to see if he would still have a soft cock? lol.