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  • Handsome and yummy man

    You were hired recently so you are new with your job on a new company. Two days had passed and you saw someone handsome and yummy. Days had passed by and you started to like that man. You really wanted that man but you know that he is straight. What would you do next?

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    Had you become friends already that you had concluded that he is straight? I suggest that you must make friends with him first. I suspect that he is gay, too. You know, there are so many handsome and yummy men who turned out to be gay, too. Well, the discreet gay. lol.


    • BangGang
      BangGang commented
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      You are still hoping that he could be gay, aren't you? Well, yeah, you could try to hope that he is gay, too.

    • Wolvie
      Wolvie commented
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      Yes, I had known some men who pretended to be straight men although they were actually men. They did not want to come out of the closet.

    • BobbyD
      BobbyD commented
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      If he were a discreet gay then he must be overjoyed.

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    Nothing. It would be futile to know him more as we won't be together anyway. Why bother with someone who would not be yours in the future?


    • CutieShank
      CutieShank commented
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      Don't be such a pessimist there! There could be a chance that he'll start to develop some feelings for you. I know that the workplace is not the right place to date or hook up with him, at least invite him over to your place or grab some drinks after the shift.

    • LarsRocco
      LarsRocco commented
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      CutieShank Those are very nice suggestions. He could do those stuffs and if it failed then at least he had known that it was not really possible for the two of them.

    • BigDaddyJoe
      BigDaddyJoe commented
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      CutieShank Yup, he could try that one but what would he do if the man upfrontly rejected him?

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    How did you find out that he's straight? Maybe a little flirting will do and you'll see that there's a chance that he's not really straight.


    • Cube
      Cube commented
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      Oooh, you're right! Maybe I should try my best flirting skills on him and see if he ever shows signs that he's possibly not straight at all.

    • IggyCock
      IggyCock commented
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      Ohhh, hahaha. And what would you do next if it turne out that he is straight? What face would you show?

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    I wouldn't do anything. I'll like him from afar. Besides, he's my workmate. I don't think it's appropriate to hookup with someone from the workplace.


    • BackRubSlut
      BackRubSlut commented
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      It is true when I'm at my workplace, I manage to keep my composure, in other words, I'd keep it professional with my workmates and there's no time for me to fall for such coworkers. I'd rather hookup up with strangers and anywhere out of my workplace.

    • Conan
      Conan commented
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      Yes! Workplace romance is a no for most companies. I won't want to get fired, eh?

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    I would still flirt with him. Handsome and yummy, you say? Those are the kinds of men who I want to have so I would take my chance. He might give in. lol.


    • Artoo
      Artoo commented
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      Hahaha. Okay, same here. Those are the kinds of men who I also want to have so I would start to flirt with him. I hope that I could have him immediately.

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    I would invite him for a date. Yes. I will muster enough courage to ask him for a date. That could be the start of something wonderful. Right?


    • Jilter
      Jilter commented
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      You must be so courageous for doing that. I admire that bravery, ThaThrist! I hope I can do that too to the person that I like in my workplace.

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    He could be handsome and yummy but if he could not be with me then he is just a waste. Why fantasize with someone whom you could never have? Quit it.


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      But there are some men who could still bang gay men, right? I would hope that he is one of those kinds of men. Okay, it is time to befriend him now. lol.


      • RyanUlrich
        RyanUlrich commented
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        So, possibly that he is bisexual and not straight at all right? I can sense that he might be looking for someone to hook up with, yes it would be discreet and you shouldn't miss your chance there SeanDoe.

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      Seduction can really do the trick sometimes. I suggest that you try to flirt with him and see how he's going to react.


      • JayEazy
        JayEazy commented
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        But what if he did not flirt back? That would be sad, but I do think that there's a chanc3e that he will flirt back with him, I hope that those flirting will not only be just flirting but there should be something more, and you all know what I really mean.

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      I think I will wait until I familiarize with the company first before I go and flirt with this guy. After all, I am there to work and not to flirt, right?