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  • Romantic or ordinary?

    Would you like your boyfriend to be a romantic one or just an ordinary guy? Why?

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    I want my boyfriend to be a romantic one. What can I say? I like to feel loved and cared. I like to be treated as if I'm special.


    • TeeRex
      TeeRex commented
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      Oh, me too! I want my boyfriend to be sweet and romantic.

    • Drifter
      Drifter commented
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      Being romantic should be two-way. You should also be romantic to him.

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    I would like a mixture of both. Someone who is a bit romantic in his own ways and ordinary at times when I am not in the mood.


    • Thighler
      Thighler commented
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      Eh? You are weird. How is it going to be? Would he switch his personality depending on your mood? Lol.

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    I honestly don't know but I prefer someone who is not that romantic but not too plain as well. I guess I am talking about someone who knows how to be sensitive regarding his actions. Someone who knows the right time to be sweet and the right time to not be romantic.


    • Jonesy
      Jonesy commented
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      I'd prefer to be with a guy like that and you're right there is the right time to be sweet and the right time to be serious. It's as if he knows how to detect your mood and knows how to make certain adjustments.

    • BabyBoyBum
      BabyBoyBum commented
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      Okay, I got your point and I agree with you. Yeah, a sensible man is enough for me. After all, I am not a girl who needs to be pampered with romantic stuffs.

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    I do not need a romantic boyfriend. I need a boyfriend who has a big dick. Oh, come on. Almost all of us want one, right?


    • Cracker
      Cracker commented
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      An ordinary-looking guy with a big dick? That's sounds good to me, lol! It's his choice if he wants to be romantic, yeah, I'd be romantic to him as well but I'm not that showy, to be honest.

    • BangGang
      BangGang commented
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      Cracker An ordinary looking guy with a big dick is fine, but it would be best if the guy is handsome with a big dick.

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    An ordinary guy is where you two can be laid-back and still be together which is a good thing. People often put labels when your someone but it's not much of a big deal for me. So I guess an ordinary guy is okay for me.


    • Cloud69
      Cloud69 commented
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      A laid-back relationship is cool but a romantic one is sweeter! I think you're implying about couples who are low-key and the other must be displaying all their love and affection towards their partner.

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    I'd really want to be with a romantic partner. Romance is NOT dead! I'd date an old-school romantic, an old-soul and is very passionate when it comes to loving me. They're a keeper but also they are rare like gems too!


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      Originally posted by Cracker View Post
      Would you like your boyfriend to be a romantic one or just an ordinary guy? Why?
      Does it matter if he's romantic or ordinary? What do you mean ordinary anyway? He'd treat me like trash or just a friend?
      I wouldn't want that, but of course, I wouldn't want a boyfriend that is all too cheesy and romantic as well.

      I'd want a boyfriend that is in between those two. Yeah, I can at least have that kind of boyfriend.