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  • Sweater Weather

    Still feeling the holiday vibe, it's a bit chilly out there and I was wondering,
    If a guy leaves his sweater at your place, would you return it or keep it?
    Bear with me in this simple question and answer but if you'd ask me, I'd wear it and it is mine now, lol!

  • #2
    If he does not remember leaving his sweater at my place then I'd keep it. Maybe it was meant to be a gift for me after all. Ahh, his sweet scent would still be there too!


    • BillyGym
      BillyGym commented
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      Aww, I hope someone would accidentally leave his jacket at my place and I will never return it to him. Besides, it looks good on me too.

    • Grifter
      Grifter commented
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      Weird. Why can't you just give it back to him then ask what fragrance does he use so you can have the same scent as he is?

    • ButtThrust
      ButtThrust commented
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      Oh, no. I would not keep it. Maybe, he just forgot it. I guess I would keep it for few days just in case he returns and get it back.

  • #3
    If he returns to my place and asks for his sweater back, then I would hand it to him but not just yet, he might stay over just a little while. If you know what I mean!


    • LarsRocco
      LarsRocco commented
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      Uh-oh, I think you never want to give it back to him unless he fucks you before leaving huh? Good job, you're just asking for a little favor before he leaves and it might be his last goodbye so make the most out of it!

  • #4
    I think it won't be necessary for me to keep his sweater, jacket, or whatever. If he wants it back then he can have it back, he just left it and it is not meant for me. Plus, I have ton's of coats and jackets, why should I have his?


    • BigBrony
      BigBrony commented
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      Yeah, you should give it back to him if he ever comes back to your place looking for his missing jacket. Since you have tons of jackets, you might as well give him some of yours, lol, kidding!

  • #5
    Of course, he needs to get it back. What belongs to Caesar, belongs to Caesar.


    • Steezy
      Steezy commented
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      LMAO, I hope your previous man is not named as Caesar as well, lol! Anyway, you should give it back to him coz he might probably need it more than you do.

    • Thighler
      Thighler commented
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      Okay, Casar. Just calm the fuck down and you'll get your fucking sweater back. Lol, kidding! I'm sure that he's testing you out if you're going to give it back to him or not.

  • #6
    Why would he leave his sweater then he knows that it is cold outside? Is he an idiot or was he in hurry that he forgot an important item that is needed in a cold weather?


    • HankTheSpank
      HankTheSpank commented
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      He's in a hurry and has a lot on his mind lately. Just understand him, he will surely come back for it, yes, the jacket and he will surely not come back to your place just to hookup with you again, lol.

  • #7
    Nope. I would throw it after a few days that he had not gotten it back. I would not want t use someone else's sweater.


    • ChokingHazard
      ChokingHazard commented
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      Ugh, eww. I would not want any of his things inside my place, I will call him then tell him that he left something back at my place and he should go get it.

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    I would keep the sweater if it was a designer sweater. But then, who would leave a designer sweater, right?


    • DomeChrome
      DomeChrome commented
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      A forgetful person would most probably be leaving even the best designer sweaters ever, lol. You better keep it before he finds out that he has left it at your place lol!

    • RyanUlrich
      RyanUlrich commented
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      He seems to forget things easily if he does not come back for it then keep it. Finders keepers. If he comes back for it, then give it back, do not hide it from him.

  • #9
    Sweater weather, yeah it is chilly outside, he must've left just one layer of his clothing and he will never notice a thing. If that were from my handsome man then I guess it's okay for me to keep it, but if it's from a hookup, I might give it back or just throw it away like that.


    • CaptainSucko
      CaptainSucko commented
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      If it's your boyfriend's then there's no problem with that but if it's from a hookup he should come back to my place and get it or we can meet up somewhere so he can retrieve his jacket back.

    • ThaDude
      ThaDude commented
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      Or what if you can just borrow it from him or buy that special sweater from him, let's see if he's going to give it to you.

    • BabyBoyBum
      BabyBoyBum commented
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      What do you mean with "my handsome man"? Is that a boyfriend? If it was a boyfriend's sweater, then I would need to keep it. I am sure that he would ask for it when he comes back.