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A trend or what?

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  • A trend or what?

    Is it normal for old gays to like younger men like those teenagers? I had seen some older gays who have very young boyfriends. I wonder if that is a trend or what.

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    It is not a trend as it has been that way for a long time. I guess that older gays prefer the young men as they look better than those older men.


    • CockednLoaded
      CockednLoaded commented
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      But there are young gays that still prefer dating gays their age and for those who prefer older gays, well, I don't usually see them that much but maybe it is because that they are lowkey or just keeping their relationship a sugar dating kind of relationship.

    • IronBulge
      IronBulge commented
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      I think it would be pretty unusual for those older gays to be hitting up on older gays like them. That's why they would most likely prefer dating those younger versions of gays and not be with gays of the same age as them.

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    I think it's normal and it would be considered a trend, why? This generation is well, you know youngsters are openly gay already and it attracts those older gay people. Those older gay people would choose to have dates with those gay youngsters.


    • Wolvie
      Wolvie commented
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      So, if those older gays date those young gays, then how about the dating of both old gays? Do they also do that one?

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    Let those gay adults enjoy having teen gay boyfriends. I think some of them are sugar dating already, a teen gay would surely want to date someone if he gets paid for his services from his adult gay 'boyfriend'


    • CockyMalone
      CockyMalone commented
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      Yes. I think that money talks here. And it is a win-win situation. Both would be happy.

    • Boosh
      Boosh commented
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      But how about some gays? I think they're really out there dating someone young or old but it is true love that they're actually feeling. We cannot do anything to stop them from loving each other, but then again yes, I think it has become a trend to date someone younger or older than you.

    • Cornholio
      Cornholio commented
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      Yes, I think that it is a form is a sugar dating already. Well, both benefit from each other, so I guess that they like their case.

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    It is pretty normal for old gays to like younger gays. It's a part of the laws of attraction, we tend to choose people younger or older than us and I think this wouldn't be considered a trend since this has been going on for so long. Some people would think that this is unusual but is actually normal.


    • Wade
      Wade commented
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      Yeah, that were me in the old days, I'dd choose to be with older men but if I'm a bit older now then I guess I'd prefer going to dates with someone younger than me.

    • BabyBoyBum
      BabyBoyBum commented
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      I do not think that it is unusual nor a trend. It has been that way since a long time ago like thousands of years ago already.

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    How is this a trend? To be honest I've been seeing older gay people dating younger gays nowadays. I think these young gays are fearless and know exactly what they want. What else can I say but be happy for them if they love what they're doing? As long as both are consensual about this, which is very important, correct?


    • DirtMcGirth
      DirtMcGirth commented
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      So, it is not a trend? It's quite unusual to see those men older gay dating teen gays. Are those teens really falling for them? Or is it just that easy to manipulate their young minds?

    • ThaDude
      ThaDude commented
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      Of course, it would be consensual. Those young gays would not engage in something that they do not want to do. We all know that most gays are intelligent, and they know what they are doing.

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    I do think it is a trend because it is not just at the present that something like this happens. I have read that even in the past, older gays are interested in young men because they are fresh and they look so gorgeous.


    • LumberJacked
      LumberJacked commented
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      Those older gays are so greedy, they just wanted to take advantage with those teen gays. Just a thought because I'd prefer to date someone my age, not really into those teen gays, actually.

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    Older gays like the younger ones because they are easily controlled and manipulated. Just by giving the young ones things that they really want, older gays can make them do whatever they want.


    • IggyCock
      IggyCock commented
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      Yes, you are absolutely right about that. Older gays want to be with the younger ones because they know that the young men will do what they say in exchange for some luxurious things. Young men are attracted to luxury things, right?

    • Proxie
      Proxie commented
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      I do not think that it is manipulation by the older gays. They may give gifts and money to those younger ones, but those are the things that they want to have.