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Gaypornstar crush.

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  • Gaypornstar crush.

    Drop the name of a gay pornstar that you adore and want to have sex with. This will be an interesting thread.

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    Mine would be Austine Wolf, he's so smokin' hot and his butt, it's gorgeous.


    • Cornholio
      Cornholio commented
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      Yeah, I agree. He is one of the hottest gay pornstars today.

    • Looking4U
      Looking4U commented
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      I did watch some of his videos and I have to say, he's good.

  • #3
    Either one or both of the guys from that "In Front Of My Salad" video lol


    • Conan
      Conan commented
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      Bet that you want to have a daisy chain with the both of them

    • Artoo
      Artoo commented
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      Conan LMAO!

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    Since straight guys had Sasha Grey, I would go with another person with the Grey surname. And that would be Anthony Grey


    • #5
      At the moment, I kinda fancy Ricky Roman. But it would definitely change in a week or two


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        I've always wanted to fuck Johnny Rapid, I've been lusting on him since he started porn.


        • #7
          Rafael Alencar for me because I like his big dick. lol


          • BiggieBalls
            BiggieBalls commented
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            I agree, I wish mine is as big as his.

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          I guess you can tell why he is my pornstar crush, he's so hot and by the way, his name is William Seed.


          • HottieTotty
            HottieTotty commented
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            Never watched any of his videos but I'm interested, he's smoking hot.

          • DurtyDirke
            DurtyDirke commented
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            And I'm guessing that you want his seed in you? lol

        • #9
          I really love watching this guy, Diesel Washington


          • RyanUlrich
            RyanUlrich commented
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            Yeah, me too not to say that his dick is gigantic.

        • #10
          I will go for Brint Corrigan. He is really hot.


          • GagDaddy
            GagDaddy commented
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            Never heard of that pornstar, did you somehow mean Brent Corrigan?

        • #11
          Mine is Colton Ford since I am into daddy types.


          • #12
            There's a Canadian man that I just adore.

            He is in his forties, and just so beautiful and hairy.

            And you can tell he actually enjoys the sex he has onscreen by his genuine smile and the way he joyously kisses his partner afterwards.

            If I can find out his name, I will post it.

            He is fucking gorgeous!