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1st Rule in dating site

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  • 1st Rule in dating site

    I was thinking of joining a gay dating site, can you give me advice or what is your 1st rule when it comes to dating sites?

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    I think you already know the answers for this one since you're already here


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      I'm guessing that would be expecting too much from the person that you're talking with


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        You need to be thick skinned and not take things seriously


        • Cloud69
          Cloud69 commented
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          I'm guessing that you're onion skinned that's why you're suggesting that he shouldn't take things seriously here

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        This would be if things go well for the both of you. If you're going to meet up with him, make sure that it's in a public place


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          Don't trust anyone yet.


          • SamMB
            SamMB commented
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            How is he going to find a date on the site if he wouldn't trust anyone

          • RyanUlrich
            RyanUlrich commented
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            If you're that paranoid, then you shouldn't try and be on a dating site SlurpyToes

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          Just stay with us here, I enjoy reading your replies on the topics that are posted here


          • TwinkleToes
            TwinkleToes commented
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            I don't think that he would be leaving us here entirely. Just wanted to have more options, I suppose

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          I do not think there is a first rule to that, just be yourself.


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            Don't expect anything from him.


            • DurtyDirke
              DurtyDirke commented
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              So what does he need to expect from the guy?

            • SeanDoe
              SeanDoe commented
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              Why not? Why join site like that if you're not willing to commit at least a little expectation?

            • BabyBoyBum
              BabyBoyBum commented
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              Are you talking about expecting that the two of you would be hooking up at the end of the date?

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            Rules are for prudes. Show 'em what you got!