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  • Cut or uncut dick

    I do not know if this was already asked in the past. Which do you prefer with your partner - a cut dick or an uncut dick? Why?

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    I prefer the uncut men as I enjoy their cocks while I play with it. As long they clean it up, then I am all for those uncut cocks.


    • DirtMcGirth
      DirtMcGirth commented
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      Uncut is way better because it is something more natural than the cut dicks.

    • Looking4U
      Looking4U commented
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      DirtMcGirth Yep. Right. Natural is better. And I actually really like playing and pulling the foreskin.

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    I like the cut men as I perceive them to be cleaner. LOL.


    • CaptainSucko
      CaptainSucko commented
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      It is really cleaner since there won't be any leftover pee or cum stuck on the foreskin

    • Cornholio
      Cornholio commented
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      I agree on both of you there IronBulge and CaptainSucko.

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    Men, whether cut or uncut, could still perform the same tasks. Only the sensation would be different. So I am going for the uncut men. LOL.


    • CockyMalone
      CockyMalone commented
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      Same here. It's the performance that I'm always aiming for.

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    Yes, definitely prefer uncut. Much more to play with!


      CUM EATER commented
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      What gunk?

      There shouldn't be any gunk if the penis is kept clean properly.

      But, having said that, some people do like the gunk (and the smell) and find it quite a sexy turn-on.

      It's just personal preference really, isn't it?

      I prefer a nice, clean one.
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    • StiffySteve
      StiffySteve commented
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      I would like to have an uncut cock without the gunk, please. I hate the smell of that. So, the man should not have it at all. He should keep it clean all the time.

    • MickeyDee
      MickeyDee commented
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      I bet that you love it when his foreskin is pulled back when you're sucking his dick

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    The uncut cock would only matter if the sex is done bareback as the sensation would be more intense. Orally, you would have more maneuvers if the man is uncut.


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      I love my cocks big cut and smooth! 💦💦


      • RyanUlrich
        RyanUlrich commented
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        What's the biggest cock that do you think can handle?

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      I know that being uncut is great because of the extra skin, but for hygienic purposes, I would go with the one who's cut


      • BigDaddyJoe
        BigDaddyJoe commented
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        Have you been with a guy who had some gunk on his junk that's why you go for men who are cut?