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  • Cosmetic products

    Of course, we want to maintain our youthful appearances. So, what are your beauty secrets?

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    They say that a moisturizer is the key to it. So, buy an expensive moisturizer and use it on a daily basis to combat the aging process.


    • Cloud69
      Cloud69 commented
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      I think that this is real. I read most of the time. Even Cleopatra had used her own version of a moisturizer.

    • CockyMalone
      CockyMalone commented
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      Why expensive? Is there any cheap or affordable moisturizer that is also good quality?

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    I heard of an Asian women who maintained her youthfulness just by drinking lots of water. Or maybe, she just did not want others to know her real secret. Sometimes, I want to follow her secret of just drinking lots of water but the idea of frequent peeing discourages me. lol.


    • CockednLoaded
      CockednLoaded commented
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      I think that there are more benefits than that when it comes to keeping yourself hydrated

    • CaptainSucko
      CaptainSucko commented
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      How many glasses of water do you drink on a day, then?

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    Cosmetic products? Do you mean makeups? I do not wear any makeups. Everything is just natural on my body. Or are you now suggesting that we should begin to use makeups?


    • Looking4U
      Looking4U commented
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      Have you not tried wearing some light powder on your face?

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    I often just wash my face and moisturize before going to bed. Also using body butter or lotion right after taking a shower or bath


    • DirtMcGirth
      DirtMcGirth commented
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      Hoe about lips? Don't you all use Chapstick? or Vaseline?

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    Who are using Glutathione drips here? They say that it makes you younger. I am not talking about the pills as that would have little effect on the body. I am referring to the drips directly to the vein.


    • SeanDoe
      SeanDoe commented
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      You mean the glutathione being injected to you? Well, my friend has tried that. She looks fairer than ever but her face still screams ugly lol

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    I just use mild soap and bath and body kind of lotion. The ones that smelled like vanilla.


    • TwinkleToes
      TwinkleToes commented
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      I just use soap, nothing more than that lol

    • StiffySteve
      StiffySteve commented
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      Vanilla smells okay. That is a fine smell. But what I like is the citrusy smell of the cosmetic products like soaps. I like something that smells so clean.

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    My secret to a youthful appearance is not about cosmetic or skincare products. I simply eat healthily, sleep early, workout, and drink plenty of water.


    • Artoo
      Artoo commented
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      Lotions or moisturizers are good for your skin. Have you tried aloe vera cream?

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    If we tell you our secret "beauty" regimen, it wouldn't be a secret any more lol


    • Cornholio
      Cornholio commented
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      Why do you sound so greedy? We just wanted to know if we use or do the same beauty secret.

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    I wonder if any of you or know someone who has tried that snail facial?


    • DurtyDirke
      DurtyDirke commented
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      Do they really let the snails crawl on their faces and where can you get one?

    • BiggieBalls
      BiggieBalls commented
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      But what would those snails do with your face? I do not think that they would be able to do some significant transformations with your face.