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I really LOVE being fucked.

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  • I really LOVE being fucked.

    The title says it all, really.

    It's a very special feeling when a hard dick is pounding away inside the most secret place in your body.

    And absolute heaven when I feel his warm ejaculation flooding into my super sensitive rectum.

    Please share your experiences, and describe how it feels for you.

    And, yes, it's bareback every time for me. I want to FEEL his sperm shooting inside me, hot and wet and fucking wonderful!
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    Now I know what and how my partner feels like every time I fuck him.
    Well, I love fucking. It makes me feel weak when he goes on top of me and rides my hard cock.
    Such a sight to see when I'd let all my love juices flow out of my partner and it runs down to my throbbing cock.

    But then again, I'd like to ask you, CUM EATER.
    Is it safe for you to let a guy go bareback on you? Is that guy just a hookup or is it with your long-term boyfriend?


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      I'd enjoy a huge dick inside of me as well, only if it's sloppy from my saliva or by lube.
      If he takes me from behind, I'd wank myself too so we'll both cum at the same time. That would be very fulfilling!


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        Are you not afraid that you have been doing it bareback? We must practice safe sex, right?

        As for me, I always wear a condom whenever I fuck someone. While barebacking is the best as you would feel it very well, I need to be protected also. I do not want to have an STD or worse an HIV infection.


        • Cracker
          Cracker commented
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          If partner is clean then no need to worry but if you've been going to multiple guys then its always best to bring a condom with you

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        I really love being fucked, too. I like to have the big dicks. I get so excited when he has a hard time inserting it on my hole due to its thickness. Yeah, I know what it hurts but that is just the way it is. I also like it when the cocks is pushed to the maximum limits. The feeling that my ass would be ripped apart? Ah, I had those moments few times already. lol.


        • ChokingHazard
          ChokingHazard commented
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          That would definitely stretch your asshole and will hurt you back if you like it being pushed to the maximum limit

        • BaconLover
          BaconLover commented
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          ChokingHazard I would choose to have the maximum limit than to have just the head. I would not enjoy it if only the head is being shoved on my asshole. Where is the thrill there?

        • HankTheSpank
          HankTheSpank commented
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          Well, looks like you are not alone in that department. I love having those huge cocks on my ass. Well, not the very huge ones as those are difficult to handle. lol.

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        I suppose I have been lucky, barebacking all these years. I've managed to avoid catching any diseases.

        I caught crabs once, in the 1990s, but that was easily dealt with - and alerted me to the fact that my so-called boyfriend was being unfaithful! No big deal, though.

        I've been with my current partner for five years now, and we trust each other implicitly.

        Sex is so much better when there's real commitment and unconditional love. I will be turning 50 in a couple of weeks, and my partner is a bit older than me.

        He's the sexiest man alive though, in my opinion! I really do get a thrill when I slowly undress him and see his beautiful hairy body, and his thick cock and big balls released from his pants - knowing that, quite soon, his magnificent manhood is going to be in my mouth and my asshole.

        I'm getting horny now! I need to have a wank 😊
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        • GagDaddy
          GagDaddy commented
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          Well, good for you that you did not catch some horrible diseases while barebacking for all those years.
          Actually, I had seen a movie where one guy caught an HIV infection simply because his partner became unfaithful.
          Unfaithfulness could bring us some horrors, sometimes.

        • Wolvie
          Wolvie commented
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          this post is good somewhat it's making me laugh, wish you all the best with your partner and be happy with what you've got

        • Drifter
          Drifter commented
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          It is good that you have this kind of a relationship. For us, the younger generations, I know that it is not safe to be just barebacking around. Just one wrong move and you would have a life sentence. We know that it could happen to anyone who is not that careful.