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  • Strange Request

    What was the strangest sexual request that you had? Mine was getting asked if I don't mind if I put a dildo up his while I'm fucking him. In other words, he wants me to double penetrate him with my dick and his dildo

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    He wanted me to whip his ass cheeks with his riding crop. And he wanted me to use my full force


    • #3
      Was asked if it is okay that I would be tied up during foreplay. Told him that I wasn't interested in bondage


      • HankTheSpank
        HankTheSpank commented
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        So what did you do after declining his request?

      • BillyGym
        BillyGym commented
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        I hope you still got laid after that.

    • #4
      He asked me to suck his toes while pounding him hard.


      • DirtMcGirth
        DirtMcGirth commented
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        I swear I'll never understand foot fetish. I mean you do you, but don't involve me with that... thing.

    • #5
      While we were having sex, he asked me to moaned as loud as I could but I didn't do it because the neighbors might hear us.


      • #6
        He wanted me to choke him while we're doing it in the missionary position. Made me pull out and told him to leave


        • Artoo
          Artoo commented
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          Was the request a total mood killer?

        • LumberJacked
          LumberJacked commented
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          Artoo Well, I guess to some but personally, I find it hot.

      • #7
        Did any of you guys did what was requested from you by your partners?


        • #8
          He wanted me to walk him around on a leash while wearing a gimp mask. Luckily it was only indoors


          • TylerBurden
            TylerBurden commented
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            Did he have a dungeon as well inside his house?

        • #9
          I don't know if this is weird enough but he made a request to slap him in the face while fucking him.


          • IggyCock
            IggyCock commented
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            That's really weird. LMAO!

        • #10
          He wanted to be spanked while he's standing spread eagle


          • #11
            Nipple clips. Never again. They hurt like hell and killed the mood in my pants.


            • BabyBoyBum
              BabyBoyBum commented
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              Nipples clamps are scary little things, especially if you weren't ready for them. It gets better though if you are patient with it.

          • #12
            He wanted us to dress in suits before having sex. I was a little weirded out at first but the sex went well.