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    I am startimg
    this so we
    cam go straigjt
    to a
    place to find someone to see!

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    I would like to Fuck! There anyone here in the Monroe area? The site is not functioning on other side.


    • HottieTotty
      HottieTotty commented
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      Just out of curiosity, are you a bottom or a top?

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    Was about to ask what part of Louisiana you're from. Are you not interested to chat here first?


    • MickeyDee
      MickeyDee commented
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      Read his second post, you can see there that he is from Monroe, Louisiana.

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    Just to answer your private message. Yes you're at the right site and maybe you didn't able to catch any of the members online that's why you haven't found someone to chat with


    • ChokingHazard
      ChokingHazard commented
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      Why didn't you just replied to his message privately?

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    Originally posted by Looking for you2 View Post
    The site is not functioning on other side.
    Not really sure what you meant by this


    • Grifter
      Grifter commented
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      He might be thinking that the site is not working properly since he can't find any gay guys who are near Monroe

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    Can you at least post a picture of you here?


    • Artoo
      Artoo commented
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      I think he will not do that.

    • Wade
      Wade commented
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      Artoo Why do you think he will not do that?

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    Has any of you tried sending him a private message to see how he is doing?