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He broke my friend's heart

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  • He broke my friend's heart

    So yesterday my gay friend went to his fuckbuddy's apartment since he has his spare keys. He went upstairs to his bedroom then saw a thong lying on the bed and he heard that someone is in the shower. He peaked through the bathroom door and saw a reflection of his fuckbuddy and a woman from the shower curtain fucking. He slowly walked away and went downstairs. He left his keys near the counter by the door and left him a note that says: "I'll leave this here just in case she doesn't have a spare, wish you both well.", then slammed the door. It kinda breaks my heart.
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    That's so sad to hear, he found out that his fuckbuddy has a girlfriend while they're still together (as fuckbuddies). It's best if you'd comfort your friend there Cube, he'll soon find a new fuckbuddy but he has to make sure that he does not develop any feelings for him. I can see that he fell for him already.


    • BobbyD
      BobbyD commented
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      Hello! They are only fuck buddies and not lovers. Do they have an agreement that the guy could not have a girlfriend or other fuck buddies aside from him?

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    LOL. He should not have left the spare key! Why? Come on, the woman has her own spare key, too! If I were the gay man, then I would not care at all. They are fucking on the shower area? So what? I would wait for them to be finished while I watch a show on the TV set. They would be surprised to see me there when they would be done. lol. Fidelity in our world is rare. It is so rare that I know most of those men do not carry it with them.


    • RyanUlrich
      RyanUlrich commented
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      I don't think the woman does NOT have a spare key since the guy already brought her in to have sex with him but the gay man shouldn't have left the keys, you know, just in case he ever gets him alone and there will be a chance that they can hook up but this time, the woman will catch them fucking in the shower too, lol!

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    Oh, wait! He is only a fuck buddy! Oh, come on! He had no right to be hurt at all! He was not a boyfriend; he was a fuck buddy. You could have multiple fuck buddies! Your friend over reacted. If only it was okay to spank someone then I already did.


    • LarsRocco
      LarsRocco commented
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      His friend is a drama queen. What a shame! Hahahah. If it was his boyfriend then I could say that we has hurt. But then the guy was just a fuck buddy so he should not have a hard feeling towards the guy for having other fuck buddies.

    • Conan
      Conan commented
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      Hahaha. What a drama queen he is! Count me in spanking him.

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    If I were your friend then I would not be hurt. I should know that I am just one of his fuck buddies. I should expect that there could be many of us.


    • BillyGym
      BillyGym commented
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      Exactly my thoughts. His friend should have known the boundaries and he shouldn't have let himself fall for his fuck buddy.

    • BigDaddyJoe
      BigDaddyJoe commented
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      BillyGym Right. A fuck buddy is just a fuck buddy. You should not fall for a fuck buddy.

    • Cracker
      Cracker commented
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      Right. There was no agreement that they would be exclusive fuck buddies. If they had one, then that would be the time that he could say that he was cheated on.

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    Your friend's heart could have been broken. Yeah, that is understandable that he was hurt but that was because of his ignorance and naivety. What was he expecting? Was he expecting that the man had only him as his exclusive fuck buddy?


    • HottieTotty
      HottieTotty commented
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      That's probably what his expectation is. He might also have thought that the guy has romantic feelings for him which clearly is not the case. It's sad that he expected too much.

    • TeeRex
      TeeRex commented
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      So, there are still naive gays these days, huh? I thought that most gays are intelligent?

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    They are only fuck buddies so I think that the guy has no fault in this. In fact, the one to be blamed for the broken heart of your friend is your friend himself. Fuck buddy relationships should not involve feelings.


    • Drifter
      Drifter commented
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      You nailed it. His friend was too assuming. And his assumptions hit him back.

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    I feel bad for your friend but in the first place, he shouldn't have had feelings for his fuck buddy. He should have known that no strings should be attached to that kind of relationship.


    • JayEazy
      JayEazy commented
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      Maybe that guy promised him that they will be exclusive fuckbuddies but then again he misses fucking pussies so he decides to hook up with a woman even if that's just one time.

    • IggyCock
      IggyCock commented
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      This is a problem when two people have two different viewpoints that are contradictory with each other.

    • SamMB
      SamMB commented
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      True. There was no prior agreement that he would be the sole fuck buddy. He would be so lucky if he was the only one.

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    I think the girl is the legitimate girlfriend and the fuck buddy of your gay friend is a closeted gay. Anyway, your friend shouldn't have thought that he and his fuck buddy are going to be in a relationship or something.


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      I think your gay friend is just being dramatic. That's all. But he doesn't have the right to be that way because it's not as if he and the guy are exclusive regarding their fuck buddy relationship.


      • Thighler
        Thighler commented
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        Yes! What a drama queen. How I hate those kinds of people. He is not just a drama queen but also an idiot. Sorry for the descriptions but it is true.