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Fallen for a trap!

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  • Fallen for a trap!

    A guy I've known from a friend was hitting up on me, I couldn't deny that I like him so I told myself that I should give it a try. So we started chatting for days and one night he decided to invite me over to his place. And there I was, I came over to his place and we had the most romantic candle-lit dinner. He was fixing everything while I was sitting on the sofa in the living room. He sat next to me, we were kind of relaxing then we made out a little bit. After that, he pulled me upstairs to continue the whole thing in his bedroom. To my surprise, there was a woman there wearing lingerie and it was all planned out that I was a part of their threesome. It's obvious even if they weren't explaining the situation to me, I was shocked that I've seen enough and it's a good thing that I'm still wearing my clothes. Guess what happened next? I ran out of their house and blocked him immediately.

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    Whoa, you were nearly trapped there but why didn't you gave them that chance? It might be possible that you could've enjoyed your first threesome experience with a guy and girl, well, you just missed your chance there. Are you sure that you're not into those things?


    • Jilter
      Jilter commented
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      I agree. Some guys get satisfied in threesomes. And according to them, they are fascinated but somehow envious of the tits of women that's why they slap it and they get satisfaction from that.

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    I guess you are not really a fan of threesomes, huh? Or maybe you were disappointed because you thought you can have the guy all for yourself.


    • Wade
      Wade commented
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      I think it's the latter one. Maybe he has been into that guy so much up to the point that he has become selfish and would want the guy to be available only for him.

    • TeeRex
      TeeRex commented
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      Hahaha. He was expecting that he would have the guy! But the guy has another plan to his horror and dismay. Poor gay.

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    Why don't you like threesomes? It's actually good. You get to have a dick and a pussy at the same time. Isn't that satisfying?


    • TwinkleToes
      TwinkleToes commented
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      I don't think that's satisfying at all. What he experienced is like a nightmare to me. I wouldn't want to see the genitals of women let alone have myself interact or touch those genitals.

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    Did you even say goodbye? If not, all I can say is that you are rude. Your friend invited you to his place and perhaps, made you feel at home so I think the least you can do is properly tell him that you are not into a threesome.


    • Conan
      Conan commented
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      Or he could say that he was into threesome but with all men. Speaking of goodbye, I think that he did not do that one anymore. He was so shock that what was on his mind was to just leave immediately.

    • Thighler
      Thighler commented
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      No, I could imagine that he just left immediately while ranting to himself.

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    Oh! Maybe your friend is not really gay. Maybe he is a straight guy who just wants to try threesome. I also think that the girl is his girlfriend. Anyway, you must have been so shocked to see her boobs and her pussy. I wish you get over that soon!


    • SamMB
      SamMB commented
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      Hahaha. It is as if the woman was already naked when they came inside the room. Anyway, no man would do a threesome like that.

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    Wait, this got so confused. A threesome, you say? Is there a threesome where the participants are man, gay and woman? That would look so strange to me.


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      The two would have been pissed off with what you did to them. Of course, they were expecting some hot actions then you cut it off.


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        If I were you then I could have continued with the threesome. Hey, the man would fuck two people. I would enjoy him fucking me and I would also enjoy watching him fucking a woman. I should have turned it into an opportunity.


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          Threesomes can be fun. I've had several, but always with two other men.

          I would never, EVER, want a woman to join in ?

          Why the fuck would anybody want a woman there?


          • Drifter
            Drifter commented
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            Yup. Threesomes are good to have. All of you are all men, of course. In his case, the woman was out of place. It was like she should have been on a different setting.