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  • Left a mark

    Has any of you here had a one-night stand with someone and has left you a hickey with your consent?
    For me, it depends on my hookup, if I feel like he wants to leave me a hickey, I would let him just one.

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    I think there's one guy that gave me a mark without my consent but it is fine though, I can still hide it when I'm wearing clothes on. It's ok if he left a mark as long as it is not that exposed.


    • IggyCock
      IggyCock commented
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      If not exposed then, yeah, that would be tolerable. But he should not place a hickey on very visible part of my body. I could smack him. Lol.

    • CaptainSucko
      CaptainSucko commented
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      IggyCock why not bite him back so he can have those marks just like you? Well, you can use makeup on it like concealer and foundation to hide the mark.

    • Wade
      Wade commented
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      What if he placed it on the part of the body where it could be seen easily? Would you try to hide it from people? Oh, wait, would you hide it from your boyfriend?

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    Uh, no. My body is off-limits to hickeys by some stranger from a one-night stand. Sorry, but it's a no-no and anyway, it was nice of him to ask permission to me first.


    • GagDaddy
      GagDaddy commented
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      LarsRocco but if it's your boyfriend then I guess you'd let him put marks all over your body. Oh wait, you do not like those marks on your body? lol, me too, I just don't like it. Ugh!

    • ButtThrust
      ButtThrust commented
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      What are your reasons why hickeys are off limits on your body? Are you afraid that other people might see it?

    • SeanDoe
      SeanDoe commented
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      So, does that mean that your body is available for hickeys by your boyfriends only?

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    No! No hickey at all even if he asked me to have one. I would decline him. Hey, that would create a bit of problem and inconvenience on my part, so I would not let that happen.


    • ChokingHazard
      ChokingHazard commented
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      If he bites you, bite him back. It's that simple so you can get even with him if he insists that he's gonna leave a mark on you.

    • Jonesy
      Jonesy commented
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      Tell him that you did not agree to let him have hickeys all over you. He will not give you unless you asked him too, right?

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    Sure, but he should do it in a part where it could not be seen readily so that I would not have a problem hiding it from the public.


    • BigBrony
      BigBrony commented
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      I'm sure that he can do that one for you since you've requested it for him to do so. Anyway, you might encounter another hookup that will surely leave another mark somewhere in your body lol.

    • Thighler
      Thighler commented
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      As requested, he will surely respect your decision and he might also ask for you to leave a few marks on him too. But where could it be? Which part is mostly hidden? Near his thighs? Near his dick? Lol.

  • #6
    Well, dark people don't have problems with those hickeys! Lol. He could have it on me, and I simply won't care about it.


    • Steezy
      Steezy commented
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      But how about you? I think you could possibly leave a few marks for him, I just feel like you're the type that can leave marks on someone else's body too.

    • ThaDude
      ThaDude commented
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      CockednLoaded Lol, and I thought that you're going to say that you don't like hickeys but you do, the advantage is that they won't see it easily based on your skin tone and how well they can hide those hickeys.

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    No hickeys should be left somewhere in my body because they're just hookups and they aren't my boyfriend. If they were someone that I am officially dating then he can give me hickeys all over, as many as he wants. I don't care.


    • JayKay
      JayKay commented
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      You're definitely right. Two thumbs way up for that, I mean if we're exclusively dating as couples then I would let him leave marks all over my body. Trust me, I have makeup to cover these babies up even if these marks are too visible.

    • Cyrax
      Cyrax commented
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      I agree, our boyfriends should only be the ones leaving marks on our bodies. It only means that he is marking his territory and that's really hot.

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    So, what if I was the one who wants to put hickeys all over him? Will that be okay for me to do? If he says yes, then there's my chance, I'd leave him a hickey. I wouldn't care if we're just hooking up. He asked for it anyway.


    • Grifter
      Grifter commented
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      If you do it to him then it would be better since you're planning to have more hookups than him. Wait, why is there even a need for you to leave marks on him? You don't want him to have other hookups and just with you?

    • BabyBoyBum
      BabyBoyBum commented
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      If he has asked you, then you could do it. After all, he was the one who asked for it.

  • #9
    It wouldn't be advisable to let him leave some marks on any part of my body. I'm just not fond of hickeys and I will not let him leave those marks.


    • #10
      But I do not need one. So, I would have to reject his request to place some hickeys on my body. There is no need for that one.