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  • I shouldn't have done that

    Have you ever dated someone for so long, suddenly decides to end things with you? Then you realized that you've prepared something special for him but he has decided to leave you just like that. My ex broke up with me last month and it was so close to our eighth anniversary. I booked a getaway trip to Norway with him, our things are packed and I will surprise him the day before we leave. I feel devastated right now, I shouldn't have done that.

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    Well, it wasn't your fault that he ended things with you. I'm not sure why he even did that to you but I just hope you'll get comfort from your family and friends.


    • HankTheSpank
      HankTheSpank commented
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      Everyone deserves comfort after going through a breakup. Well, I guess he should continue his trip alone or with a family member instead.

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    If you're regretting about booking that trip, I would suggest that you try go and have that trip with a friend or maybe by yourself so that it wouldn't be such a waste


    • SlurpyToes
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      Or maybe he should go on a trip with you if that's what you want lol

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    It sounds like you're more devastated of the money that you've wasted for the trip rather than the end of your relationship. Were there hints that your relationship was about to end or you were blindsided by it?


    • LollySucker
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      Wade so money is more important for you rather than the relationship that just ended?

    • MannaMontana
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      Exactly. That was on my mind while reading his post. And were you also having some hookups while you were with him on those past 8 years? You were only 16 when you and he became lovers. So young and so horny, eh? Hhhmmm...

    • Jilter
      Jilter commented
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      Find it really funny that he was more concerned with the money that he spent for the trip

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    There's nothing you can do about the relationship already, but I would suggest to still go to that trip so that it wouldn't feel that you wasted your money for nothing


    • HottieTotty
      HottieTotty commented
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      I'd be down if he gets to invite me for a date like that.

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    I dated a guy once for a long time, we end things mutually since we still plan to see other people in our lives. We tried being in an open relationship but it wasn't as great as we thought it would be. So I am stuck in the hookup culture, and now, he's getting married in just two months away.


    • Conan
      Conan commented
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      Whoa, that's messed up. I guess you'll find your match soon, if not here then maybe he's just out there waiting for you.

    • TeeRex
      TeeRex commented
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      He is getting married with a guy or with a girl? I am wondering. lol.

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    When someone leaves you suddenly, it is either your fault or he had found someone new.


    • Stanlee
      Stanlee commented
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      And what do you think was the reason why their relationship ended?

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    So when would this trip would going to be? Maybe I can be the one who's going to accompany you


    • ButtThrust
      ButtThrust commented
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      Based on what he said, his ex broke up with him the day before the trip. There's a chance that rebooking the trip that late is not possible already