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    I do not really know if what I am putting out there is working for me. I wouldn't mind if someone could give me some pointers on my photos and what I could be doing better or change. I am not getting as many hits as I would like. If someone could just pop by my profile and let me know if my photos are good. I would greatly apprecaite it!

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    you are photos are fine but you only have two of them. You really need to get more. Maybe showcase yourself doing something fun or active. I have always found that expressing what you like to do through your profile photos is a great way to help you get a bunch of action. Also, do not be afraid to do a little light air brushing. It'll help you in the long run. Just to touch up the skin. you are gorgeous otherwise.


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      Yeah I agree. I always use the photoshoot route. I just touch up the wrinkles and blemishes. I know I am adorable, I just take weird photos and my skin doesn't look the best. I want to get past that front door.


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        Change your photos. They suck.


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          You are too harsh lol. btw, you looking for someone to hook up with? BackDoorParking

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        I have a method for photos on dating websites. You need one great photo of you doing something you love to do. Working on cars, running a marathon, making pottery, something like that. Then you need a nice photo of you that is clear in a suit. Looking dapper as shit. You need one of you being atheletic, shirtless gym photos are great (if you got the body to taback it up). Then have one with you and your friends having a good time. If you want an added bonus. A photo of you with an old person, small child or animal. This kicks in the cuteness factor and a lot of people are drawn to that.