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    I have a lot of dislikes and very few likes and I feel like if I put that down it will look like I am a negative person. I am not negative but I am very picky and I do not like a lot of those things. I am really very positive. If I leave itblank do I look even more crazy? Should I just pick and choose or lie?

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    THANK YOU! This is legit me. I like a lot of stuff but my dislikes out weigh basically everything in my life. it is like come on. I do not have time for this. I hate parades, I hate drivingintraffic, I hate long lines up and loud music and dancing. Like I can't talk about that kindof stuff because then everyobne just thinks I am a sourpuss. Which I guess I am butI am trying to change it. I want to likemore things but it is hard being ocd and and dealingwith so much of life. THere is so much out there that is forever unclean. However, finding someoneon a hookup website is super hard to beause I also have issues with messes and little quirks that people have. So, it is very hard to do a lot of things. I need dudes with a lot of patience. What I am tryingto say is that this whole thing is very hard. and I understand what you are going through.


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      I love that other people just hate everything. I am very firm on hating everything. I barely like the friends that I hang out with. Which yes, makes it very hard to meet someone. I am super picky. While mine isn't an OCD thing it is still a thing that I struggle with. I just want something that is very low key and doesn't involve me goingout in public a lot. Not that I am ashamed, I just have social aniexty and even crowded restaurants are a lot for me. Plus, I just find faultin everything and I know that that is a joy to be with.


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        Just be yourself. If you hate everything, hate everything. Be open about that. I dated for six months because we had it in common and that was great for us. It did not last but still there was a relatinship formed over mutual hate of everything. I still look for that in someone when I am looking through profiles.


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          I love that this thread even exists. I would love to talk to everyone about how much we all hate things. I straight up hate everything. GOing to the bar is lame. Going to clubs is worst. I just want to be with someone and hate everything together. Everything but each other.