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I want to make my profile more attractive!

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  • I want to make my profile more attractive!

    Guyssss I need help with my profile! I don't know how to make it more attractive, I see so many profiles with so much information and all these amazing pictures and blah blah whereas when I look at my profile I'm like what the fuck man why would anyone even bother messaging me just look at my profile it's completely bleh! So tell me what and how do I make it appealing? It's been a month and I yet haven't landed any dick it's so depressing, I really want some action but I guess I'm an introvert which my profile shows so tell me, what to do and how to do?

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    Just fill all the sections, add more pictures some sexy ones and you are good to go!


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      I have the same issue but I'm an introvert too and I don't know how to make my profile attractive I think we should hook up!


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        Landed a dick I like that lol, add some good pictures if you know what I mean wink wink.


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          Action is all you can get from me message me sweety and you can land my dick soon enough!


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            You want a killer bio, right? I'll help you with that. If you want to make it attractive the very first step is to put up a sexy picture and not the current one that you've placed as display picture. By hot I mean such picture that will turn heads. This is what you are missing out. Also, keep your bio really short and interesting. Nobody is interested in knowing what brand boxers you are wearing and which medal you got in your childhood. Jot down your interests and hobbies. What you love the most and what sort of personality you carry and you are good to go. If you are still a dumbass and can't incorporate what I've said above then sorry to say you are an absolute loser and you don't deserve getting laid. Sorry for being real blunt. I hope this helps.