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Creating the profile takes way too much time!

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  • Creating the profile takes way too much time!

    The profile on Manplay takes way too much time in my opinion. I don't think you need to add much details to a profile on a dating site since you're going to get to know the person anyway. The person you're talking to will get to know way more than what you write on the profile, so I really don't see the point. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm going to jump in and start talking to people without wasting time on the profile!

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    The thing is, not many people will talk to you if you have an empty profile. You got to start before you get to know anyone. You're going to realize that after wasting time trying to talk to people


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    @cooper-gayy don't you think that a site as efficient as Manplay would have removed the profile if it didn't serve a purpose? I doubt it. Try talking to people for a few days without the profile. Then create the profile properly and see how it goes. Then you'll see why it's important to have one lol


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      I just don't waste my time on people who can't even spend an hour writing down a few things about themselves to be honest. That shows that they lack commitment and I'm not looking for people like that. For all I know, I can spend hours talking to them and they can vanish from the site the next day. Why take that risk where there are so many people with nice profiles. With a profile, I can see if a person is someone that I might like. That will be based on what they put down on their profiles and I agree that it won't be 100% accurate. It's hard to get an idea about a man purely based on a profile, but it's better than nothing. Without a profile, you're just taking a huge gamble. You might not get along with that guy. His interests might bore you to death. Things like that can be avoided to a great extent with the help of the profile. I think you're making a mistake by going ahead without one.