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  • Does not want sex

    What if one day you are no longer enjoying sex? You told your partner that it isn't him but it's just that you don't find joy in sex. Your partner has been worried about you for days for not wanting to have sex with him. What do you think would be the best solution for this?

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    If he really wants to have sex then he should find a partner that is willing to give him the satisfaction that he needs but if he really loves me and is willing to be patient with me then I'd be happy if he might help me resolve this issue, why I'm suddenly not into sex? Stuff like that must be resolved together, right?


    • TwinkleToes
      TwinkleToes commented
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      And why would you let your partner look for someone else to have sex with? I would agree on the part where your partner will help you resolve the issue as to why you're suddenly not into sex anymore. No one must leave if the issue has not been resolved nicely.

    • CockednLoaded
      CockednLoaded commented
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      Yeah. It must be resolved by talking with each other openly. We must know all things first, and decide from there.

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    That would be impossible! How come that I'll ever be so tired of sex? I'd find ways to get my sex drive going, or we must have been doing the same thing over and over. Time to learn some new moves to do in bed.


    • TylerBurden
      TylerBurden commented
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      Yep. It could not be that all of a sudden, I had lost my appetite for sex. That would be like stopping the Earth on rotating on its axis! Lol.

    • Thighler
      Thighler commented
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      But there is no more things to be learned. I think that I had known all those positions already. Is there something new nowadays?

    • IggyCock
      IggyCock commented
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      Yep. Impossible that we would lose our sex drives. Anyway, how about having sex in the various places inside the house and not just on the bed?

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    The only time that I won't be enjoying sex is when I found out about my partner cheating on me while we're still together. He should find a way for us to settle this, I hope he stops cheating on me or else I won't be interested in having sex with him when he's in sexual contact with another man than of with me.


    • ButtThrust
      ButtThrust commented
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      Oh, you seem to have a point there. Well, you won't be enjoying such intimacy if you find out that you're partner is being intimate already with someone else.

    • BobbyD
      BobbyD commented
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      Why don't you confront him if he asks you why you're suddenly not in the mood to have sex with him? You two should talk things out and see if there could be ways for you both to still settle down or end things off already.

    • MannaMontana
      MannaMontana commented
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      Well, not for me. Even if he cheated on me, I would still enjoy our sex together. It is still the same cock and the same man, after all.

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    Do not tell me that all of a sudden, I had acquired an erectile dysfunction? Anyway, I think that I should see a doctor immediately. I need my cock back to its normal state. Lol.


    • BangGang
      BangGang commented
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      Why'd you assumed that you already have erectile dysfunction? Lol, you might be taking meds or had been at your lowest peak that's why sex can no longer excite you as well.

    • CutieShank
      CutieShank commented
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      Erectile dysfunction? Well, that could be the problem and you haven't told this to your partner because you fear that he might leave you because of that. Well, you should go to the hospital and get yourself checked, ASAP!

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    I am not enjoying sex anymore? But why? What could be reasons for that? Well, as for me, that seems strange that I do not enjoy sex anymore. Hey, I love it and I like to do it often.


    • BigDaddyJoe
      BigDaddyJoe commented
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      Maybe if you got gang-banged for 3 nights straight, do you think that you will still enjoy sex? Maybe what's being talked about here is that you no longer enjoy soft sex but you can go hardcore after the gangbang.

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    That would be impossible that I would not enjoy sex anymore. It would be given if he does not want sex from me anymore. Well, I think I'll understand that I'm obsessed with him already and he was just expected one or two nights with me. Sad.


    • SeanDoe
      SeanDoe commented
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      He might be scared to tell you that he no longer enjoys sex with you or he might've found someone better than you which is kind heartbreaking too.

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    I think it's time for me and my partner to be in an open relationship, why? I can no longer satisfy him but if he wants to be with me, so be it, I just have to let him know that he is allowed to have sex with anyone he likes if that's what he wants.


    • BillyGym
      BillyGym commented
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      Wow, can you even stand that? I mean your partner banging another man? Or is being banged by another man? Well, that's how open-relationship works, I guess that if you wanted him to have sex with those men, he might even leave you for them already.

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    Ows? Does not want sex anymore? How come? I love sex all the time. Lol.
    Anyway, something must be wrong with me if I do not like sex with him anymore. Could it be that I am longing for a bigger cock? Lol.