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  • Man Handled

    Maybe the ones who have a small frame or body type can answer this, have you hooked up with a guy who ended up man handling you or played a bit rough when you guys had sex?

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    Most of the men that I've been with have the same body type as me so I haven't been man handled before. But I've been with someone who wants me to go rough on him


    • Conan
      Conan commented
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      What did you exactly do to him and did it made the sex more fun?

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    Luckily, I haven't been with anyone who was rough with me or wanted me to be rough


    • HankTheSpank
      HankTheSpank commented
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      If you are a bottom, I can top you. I will be more than willing to let you experience what rough sex is.

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    I do that all the time whenever the sex gets intense and wild. I tend to be aggressive at times.


    • Wade
      Wade commented
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      What are some of the things that you do to him? And I'm guessing that he doesn't mind that you do that?

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    I never tried being manhandled before but I guess these are one of the things on how to make sex fun.


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      Not the type who would enjoy rough sex. More into the sensual type of experience when it comes to sex


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        Are you talking about being thrown around like a ragdoll?


        • ChokingHazard
          ChokingHazard commented
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          That's what he might be talking about

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        I've done it rough before, but it never reached the point that one of us would be treated that way


        • CockednLoaded
          CockednLoaded commented
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          Manhandling someone is not bad as long as you know your limitations. I guess you are just afraid of trying new things.