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  • Ran Out Of Options

    Do you guys think that it's okay to use some sex toys during sex if things are starting to feel stale or boring for the both of you?

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    Probably yes, it might spice things up a bit.


    • BackRubSlut
      BackRubSlut commented
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      As long as both of you agree with using toys then it wouldn't be a bad idea.

    • LollySucker
      LollySucker commented
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      BackRubSlut It would be ridiculous when both of you would be using a dildo with each other. I just could not imagine the scene.

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    No, since I don't own toys. It might upset my partner.


    • TylerBurden
      TylerBurden commented
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      But what if your partner was the one who suggested to use sex toys?

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    No, there are already the two of you so why do you need sex toys?


    • GagDaddy
      GagDaddy commented
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      Yep. This is also what came into my mind. You could use his dick as the toy.

    • RyanUlrich
      RyanUlrich commented
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      To keep things interesting and to add spice in the relationship

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    That's just fine with me, but it should be the both of us who feel that the sex is starting to go stale and not just one of us


    • BabyBoyBum
      BabyBoyBum commented
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      Are you implying that you need two dildos at a standby just in case you needed those things?

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    No. You already have each other so no need to use those toys. Just enjoy each other's company.


    • BillyGym
      BillyGym commented
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      but what if he's not really enjoying it because you couldn't satisfy him enough?

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    I wouldn't mind using toys with my partner if we truly ran out of things to try. Also it would make things extra interesting


    • DurtyDirke
      DurtyDirke commented
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      I wouldn't be ashamed as well. He should be supportive instead.

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    I'm okay with that as long as we've really tried what's out there when it comes to sex