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Gays = beauty pageants

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  • Gays = beauty pageants

    Sometimes it already is annoying to be always associated with beauty pageants. There is nothing wrong with that, but I always get that " I could not believe you" stare when I tell them I do not watch Miss Universe. Damn, I better watch football and have the thrill plus some balls are moving while they running.

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    Do you cross dress? most gays that cross dress has this stigma with them. I never had one.


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      there is nothing wrong with it. as for me. I do not cross dress but I put on light make up and kind of obviously gay. I am invited with so many watch parties for Miss Universe and they are always FUN!


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        It's not really annoying. you can just say no if you are not interested. but that is quite a normal notion from people from gays. There are norms that we can't just erase.


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          it's not just a gay thing. if you are woman, you will be branded to be a pageant lover. So, do not think it's just us experiencing this.


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            Never know this is an issue but are you a cross dresser? if yes, then maybe that is why. not to offend anyone but we assume sometimes. give them a break