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Sex To Prove Yourself Wrong

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  • Sex To Prove Yourself Wrong

    To those who had an identity crisis before coming out of the closet, have you slept with a girl in order to prove yourself wrong? If you've done it, did the girl in question found out that you're gay?

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    Yes I've slept with a girl in the hopes of proving to myself that I'm not gay. She found out about it a few years after we broke up


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      I actually did the opposite. Slept with a guy and that's when I realized that I was gay and enjoyed it more


      • HankTheSpank
        HankTheSpank commented
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        Lol! We have the experience. I also realized that I was gay all along after having sex with a man.

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      I slept with a girl before but it was not to prove myself wrong, but it was out of curiosity.


      • DurtyDirke
        DurtyDirke commented
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        And I'm guessing that it remained as a curiosity? lol

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      Nope, I've always known that I am gay so I don't have to prove myself.


      • CockednLoaded
        CockednLoaded commented
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        How young were you when you realized that you're gay?

      • Conan
        Conan commented
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        Good to know that you knew early that you're gay unlike most of us who had an identity crisis growing up

      • StiffySteve
        StiffySteve commented
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        CockednLoaded I think it's when I started middle school that I realized I prefer to touch dicks rather than a girl.
        Conan Thanks! It took a lot of effort, if I'm being honest.

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      There is a possibility that most guys have slept with a girl at some point of their life


      • Wade
        Wade commented
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        And those who knew that they were gay ever since are considered lucky in my book

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      I consider myself bisexual so there is no issue for me sleeping with both ladies and men.


      • Wolvie
        Wolvie commented
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        I guess we are in the same situation.

      • TylerBurden
        TylerBurden commented
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        So when did you realized that you're bisexual?

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      I think most of us here experienced having sex with a woman before.


      • ChokingHazard
        ChokingHazard commented
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        How many times have you done it before you realized that you prefer to do it with someone who has a dick also?

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      I didn't have to fuck a girl, I kissed one and my brain went *ding!*. My body knew I was gay before I, myself, did, and it did a good job of avoiding vaginas.