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  • The Gaydar (Gay Radar)

    How can you know for sure that your Gaydar is working? Some gays can sense when a guy is straight or is closeted gay.
    Is your Gaydar reliable and can sense straight men to be actual gays?

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    I don't trust my Gaydar instincts sometimes I end up assuming things and I think some people are lucky to have their Gaydar working, even straight girls know when their Gaydar senses are tingling. They can easily identify what appears to be a straight guy is actually gay or bisexual.


    • Stanlee
      Stanlee commented
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      So, I think that you should dump your gaydar now. If it causes you some troubles, then you should stop using and dumb it altogether.

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    I can easily sense when a straight man is actually a closeted gay or is low-key bisexual. Yes, it's easy to spot them with my Gay Radar and it works perfectly whenever I'm in the mood to hook up with them, lol!


    • StiffySteve
      StiffySteve commented
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      My friends and I sometimes observe a man from a distance and we'll see if each of our GayDar can work perfectly. We would also put up a bet to see if one of us is right or wrong, it really is fun when we do those things together when we've got nothing else to do.

    • Proxie
      Proxie commented
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      Wow. Just wow. You have a good working gaydar over there. You should be very lucky that you have it. Did it fail just even once?

    • BobbyD
      BobbyD commented
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      What can I say? Congratulations on that perfectly working gaydar. At least, you won't have some mishaps in selecting men anywhere they are.

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    I don't think Gaydar or Gay Radars are actually a thing because you'll know for sure when you feel like a man is gay even if he does not speak the truth about his sexuality. It's a bit tricky though because you cannot simply ask him about his true identity, you just have to be a keen observer.


    • IncredibleBulge
      IncredibleBulge commented
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      You're right, a keen observer can tell whether a man is straight, gay, or bisexual. Gay Radar is just a term usually meant for fun and even straight people can detect a person who is secretly gay, so that means that they also have GayDars too. But in reality, they're just keen observers too.

    • BaconLover
      BaconLover commented
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      Sometimes, observation alone is not sufficient to determine if someone is gay or not. There are some closeted gays which are very hard to know their real sexuality.

    • BigDaddyJoe
      BigDaddyJoe commented
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      You could befriend the man first. Later on, he would open up once you become friends. If the opening up would not come, then that was a straight man. Lol.

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    When you gaydar is not properly working, then it is time for it to be calibrated. You do not want to have a wrong assumption, right? It could get you into trouble in some cases.


    • JayKay
      JayKay commented
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      What kind of trouble specifically? How can you be in trouble if you're just observing someone from afar just to see if he really is gay?

    • JayEazy
      JayEazy commented
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      JayKay You could assume that a man is gay even though he is not. That could get you into real trouble. You do not want to be hit on the face, do you?

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    I wonder why most gays have this so called gaydars. It is like a regular apparatus that has been installed by default on the system in order to determine who's who.


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      There's an old saying, "It takes one to know one".

      In my experience, gay men can usually detect each other - no matter how 'straight-acting' they are trying to be.


      • IggyCock
        IggyCock commented
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        I agree with you, and yes, it is easy to detect if someone is actually gay or even if they're bisexual, well, I won't be buying their 'straight-acting' skills if that's the case, lol!