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A financially endowed man

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  • A financially endowed man

    Yes, you have known one person from an online dating site. He looks nice and you kinda like him already. Days went by and you had learned more stuffs about him. Now, you have become hesitant to continue to date him because of his financial status. Yes, he is financially endowed that you are no match with his richness. And yes, he told you that he wants someone who is also on his level. Would you back off already?

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    If he specifically told you that he also wanted someone who has the same financial level as what he has, and you are not on that level, then you should already know the next step - quit.


    • JoJoFlex
      JoJoFlex commented
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      MickeyDee True. Someone else might be there who would accept you as you are. But we could not blame the other man, as he only wanted something good for himself.

    • BiggieBalls
      BiggieBalls commented
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      Exactly! If you could not cope up with his level, then you could not do anything. You could not pretend that you are rich, too, just to have him.

    • MannaMontana
      MannaMontana commented
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      That is the right thing to do. Just quit and stay away from him. Look for someone new and be happy with that man.

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    I can convince him that someday after all my debts have paid off, all my financial issues have been settled then maybe he might consider giving me a chance to be with him. I will convince him more than richness has nothing to do if a person loves him so. That person is me, and I love him dearly, I will do whatever it takes for me to have him.


    • Stanlee
      Stanlee commented
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      It would be a waste if after all this time he just wanted to be with a man who is the same as him. You might as well give it up if I were you, that man has standards and clearly you did not pass it.

    • CutieShank
      CutieShank commented
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      I agree with Stanlee, you're just wasting your time with this man that clearly has other interests rather than to be with you CockyMalone.

    • CockednLoaded
      CockednLoaded commented
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      You are desperate if you do those things. It is a sign that you are weak and would take any compromise just to have him. Guess what? You would be dumped after having those pleas.

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    He's telling me that he wants someone to be on his level? How could he! I'm not that type of person that wants to date him just because I knew that he is well-off. I would tell him to go fuck yourself, I can earn my own money and I will certainly not want to date with a narcissistic jerk like him!


    • HottieTotty
      HottieTotty commented
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      You got that right! If he tells you that, then better give him the f word and he can find someone else rather than be with you. He thinks he's untouchable just coz he's rich.

    • TylerBurden
      TylerBurden commented
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      Oh, you were hurt! Lol. Why don't you just admit that you were not of his level? I think that it would be better to accept some things than to justify them simply because your ego was hurt.

    • TeeRex
      TeeRex commented
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      He is not narcissistic. I guess that that man only wanted to be with someone who is like him. We have our preferences so I guess that we should respect what he wants to have.

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    I'd still find ways to convince him that I can be on his level, he does not know about me just yet. I might be richer than he thinks he is. He'd be surprised if he finds out about this soon.


    • Thighler
      Thighler commented
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      Eh? But how? Becoming rich overnight is simply impossible. How would you execute your plans?

    • BangGang
      BangGang commented
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      Thighler I think you're missing the big picture here, @LolluSucker is obviously rich and he could be way richer than the guys who rejected him into thinking that he is not rich as he is.

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    Ah, he wants to be with someone rich as him so he would not think that you're dating him only for his money, huh? Clever, but he shouldn't be assuming that you're using him for his wealth. why would he be talking to me anyway? It's been days so I guess he couldn't resist not liking me, huh?


    • ButtThrust
      ButtThrust commented
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      I guess it's time for you to back off already. He is not interested in you at all, sorry to burst your bubble TwinkleToes but I think he's looking for somebody else now too.

    • SeanDoe
      SeanDoe commented
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      @TwinkleeToes Yeah, he must've think that you might want to be with him because he's financially stable and you're not. He suddenly tells you that he's into guys like him, but why didn't you tell or convinced him that you want him because he's a unique and handsome guy and not for his money?

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    I just like him, I'm glad that I did not fell for him just yet. But oh, now I know what he truly is and how he really has become. Okay then, I will leave his presence at once and tell him thank you for the time before I'd back off.


    • Cyrax
      Cyrax commented
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      You're just getting to know him but since you've known that he is not really into you, well, it's best that you dodged that bullet a bit early as we expect it. Do not fall for guys like that, he ain't worth it.

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    It would be better if he is both financially endowed and physically endowed. Lol. I mean, that would be almost perfect, right?