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Conversion therapy

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  • Conversion therapy

    What can you say about conversion therapy?

    For the people who do not know what it is. It is the practice of trying to change an individual's sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual using psychological or spiritual interventions.

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    They may do all they want to convert us but I do no think that it would gonna work. Once a person is gay, he would be gay forever.


    • Cloud69
      Cloud69 commented
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      Yes, I have to agree. There's no possibility that spiritual interventions or religious mambo-jumbos going to "help cure my gayness", or I might end up being gayer than ever! Lol, jokes on those people who are low-key homophobes!

    • MickeyDee
      MickeyDee commented
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      Why would they even force us to change anyway? Can't they just accept that not everything has to go their way?

    • SamMB
      SamMB commented
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      MickeyDee Because they could not accept it. They want to insist that there are only two sexes: male and female and there should be no in between.

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    I think that those things are a form of torture already. They're forcing men who are gay into thinking that it is wrong to feel that way and that by being gay you're disappointing god


      CUM EATER commented
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      Well said, LarsRocco. Absolutely agree with you.

    • BobbyD
      BobbyD commented
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      So what can you say for those people who had undergone your so called "torture" and now living as straight men? Well, they claim to be straight now as far as they are concerned.

    • BaconLover
      BaconLover commented
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      Speaking of religion, even the holy book is not free from homosexuality. Of course, it is punishable over there but my point is, this homosexuality has been in existence since time immemorial. But I could not imagine that status of those gays who lived thousands of years ago. They must have lived in the most tormenting environments.

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    For some that might work, but it would be better that we don't force people on into being straight.


    • JayEazy
      JayEazy commented
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      Ah, most people I know from religious groups always force people to become straight. It's like boot camp.

    • HankTheSpank
      HankTheSpank commented
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      Have you known someone who underwent with those conversion therapies and succeeded in becoming a straight man?

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    Is their practice by force? Because if it is, then that's just wrong and very degrading more on their part than ours. Who even started that anyway?


    • GirthyGrills
      GirthyGrills commented
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      They will use force against you if you do not follow their command. Be it with psychological and spiritual interventions, because they always have something against GBTQ+ people.

    • Drifter
      Drifter commented
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      Actually, it is not by force. Most of them would voluntarily submit themselves for the transformation.

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    Hey! I'm against conversion therapy. We, gay people never force straight guys to become gay. Why do they even have to do conversions anyway? I never thought our sexuality matters so much to them.


    • BigDaddyJoe
      BigDaddyJoe commented
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      Couldn't agree more they can test us all they want but we gay people does not need to be force on what they want you to become and they must respect our decision making on being homosexuals

    • GagDaddy
      GagDaddy commented
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      Prior to this, I never had thought about the thing that you raised. The reason behind it is that those straight people think that they are on the right path so of course why would they undergo with the conversion therapy?

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    I pity the people who had experienced these kinds of therapy. I do not think that it would really gonna work. Maybe, very few would be transformed and would have a hard time going to the so called "right" path.


    • ChokingHazard
      ChokingHazard commented
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      This kind of therapy sucks if there trying to reverse you then goodluck to them because they are only wasting our time in submitting on something we dont want to become

    • Cracker
      Cracker commented
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      yeah kinda felt for them but don't know about this kind of therapy maybe some parents wants them to undergo and perfect this one

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    First of all I think they have no respect on what you've truly become I dont know if its a requirement of some sort of fucking organization or movement but I don't like it and it's useless, It's like hypnotism that will change someones will and what he or she believes what is right